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Lookup the SharePoint 2013 app-web url

The SharePoint 2013 apps are easy to install, update and uninstall and our team has a lot of experience in developing and using apps at customers.

Sometimes, though, we need some more information about the app itself. I was troubleshooting a customer environment as an app did not work. It could install, update and uninstall but an error occurred when accessing the app. I detected that no DNS entry was made for the app (usually with the prefix app-<guid>), but I could not see from the error URL or other information what the <guid> was. In the ULS I could detect this, but wanted to check other apps – without using the ULSViewer.

Here is the method I used for looking up the app-web URL with Windows PowerShell:

(SharePoint snap-in already loaded in the Windows PowerShell)


Get the installed apps:

     $instances = Get-SPAppInstance -Web

List apps installed:


Get a single app, here “RePoint Infoscreen”

     $instance = $instances | where {$_.Title -eq ‘RePoint Infoscreen’}

See properties of the app instance:


With PowerShell you can also do other things to apps, and here is the command for uninstalling the app above.

To uninstall the app:

     Uninstall-SPAppInstance -Identity $instance

I hope this can help you also as I could not find the scripts easily on the internet. If you are interested in trying our apps, please visit the Microsoft Office Store