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Cloudshare – for IT-Pro and developers

I stumbled over a twitter update by Joel Oleson regards this cloud service – and I really like this new functionality in the cloud!

Cloudshare ( is an online service where you easily can create a demonstration, development or test environment of e.g.

  • Windows Client
  • Windows Server with
    • Active Directory
    • Exchange Server
    • SharePoint Server
    • Etc.
  • Other clients

The service delivers a virtual environment where you can choose between different templates or scenarios to install. You will have access through the cloudshare portal where you can get a remote desktop to the individual servers, configure hardware settings and manage the virtual machines (snapshots, restore etc).

One of the most cool functions is that you will have access to your local environment/drives through the RDP or a VPN connection. The next cool functionality is the ability to share your environment(s) with other people.

Cloudshare is a really cool project/product and within the first day of the 14 days trial I decided to continue with one of their subscriptions – it is not expensive at all ! –and you will be up and running in minutes.

I encourage all IT consultants, developers and administrators to check this out – at least the 60 secs of their online demonstration video

Just remember only to test/develop/demo – and not running it in production….yet

Happy clouding J