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SP2013 problem: Office 2010 and an Office 2013 product on same client PC

This is a duplicate post from my SharePoint Community blog:

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I ran into an issue at a client that we are testing the migration to SharePoint 2013. Everything has been a smooth transition – thanks to the SharePoint 2010 support in SharePoint 2013!

The testing started and we discovered that some clients had no problem in opening documents, whereas other clients got strange error messages such as:

“Page cannot be displayed” – with a reference URLs starting with ms-word:ofv|u|

We narrowed the problem to the installation of SharePoint Designer 2013 on the client that also had Office 2010 installed. The installation af SharePoint Designer 2013 updated the OpenDocumentClass (OWSSUPP.DLL) in Internet Explorer – and the Office 2010 programs do not recognize these links.

The problem, which also is described in the Technet forum post, also appears if you install the Microsoft Lync 2013 client on a computer with Office 2010.

The solution seems to be (at least for the moment):

  • Uninstall the Office 2013 product (SharePoint Designer/Lync) and run a repair on Office 2010 on the client computer
  • installing a full Office 2013 program suite on the client computer

So testing is a really good idea (as always) – especially when installing new versions of products with older versions already installed.

Please respond to this post if you have any other solution 🙂


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