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Windows Surface cannot find many apps

I just got my first Windows Surface, and already now I am happy about it – to use as a working-device.

I had some problems finding a lot of apps that I knew existed. This included Microsoft Lync client and the MetroTwit apps. Using the Windows Store through the Internet Explorer it was possible to find and install the apps.

The reason was that the Surface “helped” me in finding applications in my own language, which is Danish, but apparently just filtered English applications even if no Danish applications where found.

Simply by going into the Microsoft Store app, swiping from the right, going into settings, preferences and disable the “Make it easier to find apps in my preferred language” did the trick.

Now I got many more apps to try out


One response to “Windows Surface cannot find many apps

  1. Jan Jensen April 17, 2013 at 16:29

    Hej Jesper. Det er det bedste råd, som jeg indtil nu har fået omkring Surface. Nu har jeg da lige pludselig fået adgang til mange apps. Tak for det.

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