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WP7 – How I changed my country location on LiveID

I have had my Microsoft Windows Phone 7 for some time now and when I got this the Marketplace in Denmark was not launched. Because of that my Microsoft XBOX Live account (that was attached to my Microsoft LiveID) was created to the location of United Kingdom.

Microsoft went live with their Danish marketplace, but I soon figured out that it wasn’t easy to change my country on the XBOX Live account that was used on the Windows Phone 7. It was a permanent link to the wrong country. I tried to change this on the XBOX Live account management pages with no success. Afterwards I called the XBOX Live support and got the message to create a new LiveID with the location of Denmark because you cannot change this. Even google didn’t help me out…. Sigh…

Okay, but my LiveID has been around for a long time and it is attached to many services in the Microsoft MSDN, Partner and other networks – so I wasn’t going to create a new one.

Then one came to me with a suggestion:

Use an XBOX 360 to change the XBOX Live accounts between Microsoft LiveID accounts!


Just remember that if you use this account for XBOX Gaming you need to use the new Microsoft LiveID if you saved games, credits etc. on the account.

Here is how I change my LiveID to Denmark:

  1. Power off your Windows Phone 7
  2. Create a new Microsoft LiveID account but do NOT log on to XBOX Live with this yet
  3. On the XBOX 360 download your profile from the LiveID that is bound to the wrong country
  4. Under Account Management, slide to the menu that contains the “Microsoft LiveID” menu and use this to change to a new LiveID. (This will un-link the old XBOX Live account from the Microsoft LiveID)
  5. Power on your Windows Phone 7
  6. Enter the Marketplace and this should create a new XBOX Live account for your Microsoft LiveID – and you can choose your country

If by any change the “Microsoft LiveID “menu isn’t there try to change your XBOX system location to United States and set it back when you are finished.

I hope this helps anyone else that was linked to the wrong country in the first place.


One response to “WP7 – How I changed my country location on LiveID

  1. Thomas Olesen July 16, 2012 at 16:21

    Works perfectly 🙂


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