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How I use social media

Sometimes I get a question like “Why do you use Twitter when you have Facebook?” or “Why are you active on different social networks? It is from IT guys that have been around since the good old BBS times where we dialed up to these with our 9.600 baud modem and “networked” with other IT guys.

Typically my answer is: “It is really not the same you can do in these social places…” – and this is why I write this blog-post. I wouldn’t say I am right about all things, but this is how I use social media.

Online forums

I use and try to help others on the Microsoft Technet SharePoint forums – to keep myself up-to-date and help others with the things I know something about. I am also a bit active in the Danish IT community forum and typically browse around, try to help people and occasionally ask questions, debate and write blog posts.


I only use this for my personal friends and family


I use this to keep my online profile up-to-date with work-related skills and information. Former and present colleagues and IT guys I know are also invited to keep track on their professional information. This helps me to easily find persons with a special expertise.


I am a bit new on twitter but find this social media easy to use. It keeps me informed about events, news and what my contacts are doing/thinking about right know. Also the search functionality helps to find a post I can remember to have read sometime.


My TripIt application online and on my phone keeps me informed about my travel plans, flight schedules and reservation numbers. The hotel and location features are also awesome! When I am traveling It is easy to find other people I know in the same area – this is especially useful when participating in conferences.


This is a bit of a playing-app – and still. I use Foursquare to find good deals in shops/restaurants and I can see if any in my network is around and where they might be staying so I can meet them there. Also a good conference app to have.


All of these I check with my laptop – or mostly now with my Windows Phone 7. With these social applications I can keep in touch with a great SharePoint community and of course also any other person online J


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