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SharePoint and Security

Brand your SharePoint within your organization

I recently saw a session with Symon Garfield on successful enterprise social computing with SharePoint 2010 and stumbled across an interesting comment:

“… Don’t call Mysite Mysite. Come up with an exciting name for it. Run a competition – sounds cheap but it works! Come up with a logo for it”, Symon Garfield

I thought about it for a while…. –and I totally agree on this. We brand everything that we’d like to distribute, grow and evolve: Companies, products and individual people.

If we think of the different areas of functionality in SharePoint as a set of services instead of one product, brand these individual services and afterwards roll these out to the information workers… then adoption and success of the technology will definitely improve.

The whole idea of making small steps to get the “service” adopted within the organization is brilliant:

  • Awareness
    • Branding this with a cool name – make an internal competition for a name and logo for it
    • Inform users about a challenge or situation and the solution
    • Advertise for it internally
  • Availability
    • Make a launch event (the size depends on the size of the SharePoint service)
    • Make a culture around the service
  • Usage
    • First steps – positive experience is important – do not make it too complicated in the beginning
    • Train the users – add optional training also
    • Make a sandbox for people to try ideas out away from the production environment
  • Adoption
    • Support desk
    • New employee orientation
    • Follow up and expand the service

In his example this was the MySite functionality to brand and implement but also search, knowledge bases, blogs and product information portals could be deployed using this method.

Also remember to have a realistic time schedule for the whole project

Think about – and comment on this post J

Thanks Symon for your show!


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