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SharePoint and Security

Finding missing or faulty features in SharePoint

During maintenance or upgrading you SharePoint farm you could run into a problem with missing or faulty features in your farm. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which feature it is, where it is used and remove it if it is not used.

Check your MOSS 2007 /WSS 3.0 SP2 environment regulary with the following command:

      stsadm –o preupgradecheck

Different methods can be used in this process, and here is an example of how you can find the features

Windows PowerShell – finding a featule by the ID

You can search the features-folder on your SharePoint server and find the definition XML file:

   $path = ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES’
   $term = “AEBDD598-142F-4A93-8AA5-54F66B776CDF”
   Get-ChildItem $path -Recurse -Include *.* | Select-String $term


STSADM – find features and where they are used

This command is implemented in the October Cumulative hotfix

      stsadm -o enumallwebs -includefeatures > c:\migration\features.txt


Feature Admin Tool – Finding, identifying and fremoving missing and faulty features

This tool is very handy in investigating and pinpoint where the features are. Especially if the feature binaries and definitions are removed from the filesystem. Please use the tool with care and perform a full backup of your SharePoint farm before use.


More information

For more reading regarding missing features, please visit these pages:

-og do a google search on your errors Smiley


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