Jesper M. Christensen

SharePoint and Security

My Community work

This page gives you a chance to follow my community activities and will be updated periodically.


Being active on forums gives me the opportunity to help others and get the chance to learn something new also.

Description Hyperlink
Danish Microsoft forum
Microsoft Technet forums – SharePoint Products


Online magazines


Description Hyperlink
Techgenix Windows Security
Kerberos in a SharePoint environment
SharePoint Data Security Risks
– Troubleshooting Kerberos in a SharePoint environment(1)
Troubleshooting Kerberos in a SharePoint environment(2)
– Troubleshooting Kerberos in a SharePoint environment(3)
Active Directory information exposed to users?
Considering remote access for IT professionals
Document placement: File Shares or SharePoint?


Blogging can be a lifestyle – especially if you have something you just need to say to the group “Everyone”

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Jesper M. Christensen – Livespace Microsoft SharePoint blog-posts


Codeplex projects

Free coding-projects that helps everyone in the everyday challenges.

Description Hyperlink
Full SharePoint backup with Powershell script
Sharepoint list-sync. with Powershell script
I think writing articles is great fun and exciting to share knowledge more structured than blogs.



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