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SPListSync version 1.1 released

New features have been added to my Windows Powershell project SPListSync. You can now copy/synchronize from an existing SQL Server Database table to a Sharepoint list. Great if you have a customer database outside your Sharepoint-solution. New items can also be created using a new feature.

Check it out, and please give me feedback for good and bad J

Changes from 1.0

  • Added possibility to synchronize from a SQL Database Server table
  • Added feature to create new items in the destination list
  • Small changes in script structure

Upgrade from 1.0
There are new settings in the XML-file, so please adjust your 1.0 configuration with the additional:

  • <ParentSQLServer>
  • <ParentSQLDatabase>
  • <ParentSQLStatement>
  • <CreateNewChilds>

5 responses to “SPListSync version 1.1 released

  1. Alessandro November 24, 2008 at 18:38

    Hi, thanks for your work, i try to use your program, it work well when the name of Wss column have not spaces (Codice) but when i try to use column name like this (Part.IVA) i receive this error :
    Tentativo di divisione per zero.In C:\\wss2sql\\splistsync.ps1:118 car:15+    $astep=100/$ <<<< filteredParents.CountImpossibile eseguire l\’indicizzazione in un oggetto di tipo Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem.In C:\\wss2sql\\splistsync.ps1:164 car:13+                 $spitem[" <<<< $ChildColumnName"] = $filteredParent.$ParentColumnName
    I refer the column name Part.Iva in this way :
     <SyncColumn id="Part%5Fx002e%5FIva">    <ParentColumn>SQL FIELDS</ParentColumn>    <ChildColumn>Part%5Fx002e%5FIva</ChildColumn> </SyncColumn>
    Thanks in advance and i wait if you have any suggestions about this problem

  2. Alessandro November 25, 2008 at 12:15

    Hi, I\’ve solved the problem below, i\’ve find this webpage with all character definition.
    Now a new questions 🙂 
    In the select statment i\’ve build a field with a url to, it work great but i cant use the & character in the select string :
    (\’\’+Field+\’+\’+Field) this work
    (\’\’+field+\’&daddr=\’field) dont\’ work
    In which mode i can substitute the & character ?
    Thanks in advance

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