Jesper M. Christensen

SharePoint and Security

Full backup with Windows Powershell

Making a complete scheduled backup of Microsoft Sharepoint requires an external script and I have written blog posts about this subject to make sure we all have everything included. Windows Powershell has the ability to collect every part and handle the backup procedure as you want – with a single script-file.

I have published a Windows Powershell script on Codeplex to automate:

  • Backup of Sharepoint site collections with STSADM
  • Backup and compress the 12-hive
  • Backup and compress the IIS Metadata (portable with encryption password)
  • Multiple settings for different site collection backup jobs (configurable in the XML-file)
  • E-mail report

The inspiration came from the script Michael Noel wrote for backing up site collections with a VBScript (He has written about it here. I wanted a single script to do everything and here it is:

Full Sharepoint backup with Powershell:

I hope this can help you make a full Sharepoint backup.


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