Jesper M. Christensen

SharePoint and Security

Troubleshooting the Reporting Services install for Sharepoint

Troubleshooting the Reporting Services installation can be difficult and sometimes impossible. If you follow the instructions in my earlier blog-post you should be fine (SQL Reporting and Sharepoint).

Though an error could occur with the Reporting Services menu in Central Administration, Application Management. This is usually a security-issue as the account you install the SharepointRS.msi should have permissions to install and enable the Reporting Add-in. If not, just check the error-log (RS_SP_#.logyou’re your %temp% directory. Simply run the installation again with an account with the proper permissions and repair the installation. I use the runas command:

runas /env /user:sharepoint-admin-user@domain.local "msiexec /i c:\temp\sharepointrs.msi"

(Make sure the account also has local server installation rights, eg. just make these rights available temporarily for the account)

If you do not want this solution, or avoid the issue in your next installation, simply add the user account you install the package with to the Site Collection Administrators before you run the SharepointRS.msi. Use the Site Administration page in Central Administration to do this.


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