Jesper M. Christensen

SharePoint and Security

SQL Reporting Services and Sharepoint

As I discovered Microsoft Reporting Services and its use in Sharepoint, the overall possibilities of integration with other data resources (new or old) and present the data for the users has increased extremely much.

First of all you need to plan your installation. Not because it is difficult but to make sure everything is working as you want it to. I prefer this setup

  • SQL Server: For databases
  • Sharepoint Frontend Server: For hosting your webapplications
  • Sharepoint Frontend Server: For reporting services

You need to install the Reporting services on a Sharepoint frontend server and the Sharepoint Reporting Services plug-in on every Sharepoint Frontend server. Also remember to install this plugin as a farm administrator as a normal domain admin cannot get the reporting section to appear in the Central Administration. Everything can be on the same box but is not recommended in a production environment.

Here are some links to make this work as you want it to:

Step-by-step guides with screenshots: 

Information and tips/links:

Microsoft MSDN page for Reporting services in WSS 3.0:


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