Jesper M. Christensen

SharePoint and Security

Customized form for Edit og New item

The standard EditForm.aspx is a good template but sometimes you need a little link, move the buttons or something else. Editing the default EditForm.aspx in a list or library can give you some troubles and error-messages.
You need to have the Microsoft Sharepoint Designer to do this without coding-skills.
  1. Locate your List or Document Library in Sharepoint Designer and copy it. Give it a new name eg. EditForm_Companyname.aspx
  2. Edit the new aspx-file in Sharepoint Designer and change to the "Show Code"-view
  3. Locate the <webpart…-section and change the IsVisible-parameter to false (this will hide the original webpart for editing)
  4. At the bottom of the <webpart…-section you need to locate the ControlMode-parameter and change the value Edit to Display
  5. Go to the beginning of the <webpart…-section and place your cursor just before this section and switch to "Design"-view
  6. Insert a new form from the menu: Insert, Sharepoint Controls, Custom List Form
  7. Locate the List or Document Library you are creating this new page to and click OK
  8. Save this new file (check that this is "checked in")
  9. In the Sharepoint Designer Folder List (usually the tree on the left of your screen) right-click on the List or Document Library, choose Properties
  10. Go to the Supporting Files-tab and browse/choose your new aspx-file in the section you need this to work (Display, New or Edit) and click OK

All this was necessary to get the form working correct. Perhaps sharepoint depends on some standard information which is in the default webpart provided by the EditForm.aspx file.


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