Jesper M. Christensen

SharePoint and Security

MOSS 2007 BDC resources on the internet

The Business Data Catalog (BDC) is a great tool to integrate your other company information with Office Sharepoint Server 2007. To use the BDC in your environment you need to build a BDC-XML-file with the parameters that fits your databases/web-applications. After this is done, you can use the data in webparts and webpages (edited in Sharepoint Designer or Visual Studio).

Basic and advanced guides for Office Sharepoint 2007 with example code is found here: TechTarget Sharepoint 2007 guides

Here is a collection of great resources to get to know the BDC infrastructure and use it in your own environment: Sahil Malik’s blog of BDC

Microsoft Office 2007 Portal Videos (with BDC examples): Microsoft Sharepoint Videos

Automate the BDC XML-coding

A good third-party tool has been out for a while to make your XML-coding more easy and effecient. The BDCMetaMan-tool from LightningTools can be found here: BDCMetaMan

Microsoft has published a new SDK for MOSS 2007, which includes a new BDC-tool. Remeber though to install this SDK on a non-productionserver, as it installs a SQL 2005 Express for this application to work.

You can download the MOSS 2007 SDK here:

The MSDN-crew has published some good articles for Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (not only BDC-related, but much more). Find these at


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