Jesper M. Christensen

SharePoint and Security

Citrix webparts for Microsoft Sharepoint

Vigtigt: Indskriv alle kommando-eksempler, da kopiér-indsæt kan give problemer i scripts

These webparts is available for Microsoft Sharepoint versions: 2003, WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007.

You can extend the end-user possibilities with  Microsoft Sharepoint Services and Server by adding the Citrix webpart to your site. This is an excellent way to publish programs without difficult configuration of the clients and make the user-experience more efficient. With the single sign-on feature integrated with Sharepoint, the user logs on to your Citrix Program Neighbourhood automatically.

The webparts can be downloaded through the Citrix website using your MyCitrix-account. The Admin-guide is very well written and will guide you through the installation of these webparts within minutes.

Real life notes

The procedure for installing these webparts is simply:

·         Download the Web Interface for SharePoint (WISP) from the Citrix website

·         Install the wsp-files (command-line)

·         Install the components (command-line or Central Configuration site)

·         Activate the features on the site (Site-Settings page)

·         Configure the Citrix-settings on the Site-Settings page

·         Add the webparts to the pages

·         Configure the user-view

I will just mention that the User Single Sign-on features requires this already set up on the client computer. Simply add the following lines to your user configuration (the [wfclient] section of appsrv.ini in the users profile directory)  – and reboot the computer:


Enable the Passthrough in your Citrix Program Neighbourhood agent and test i there first if you have problems getting this to work.

The Server Single Sign-on feature is only available for MicrosoftOffice Sharepoint Server 2007, despite of what you configure in the site-settings.


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